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Meteorology part II : wind and turbulence


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METEOROLOGY PART II – WIND AND TURBULENCE: Learn how the wind is formed, see the different types of wind and learn what is turbulence, its causes and effects on Aviation. Course content pursuant to ICAO Annex 1 / Chap.4 / and ICAO Annex 6 / Chap.4 / 4.6.

In this lesson, we will study the wind, to better understand its causes and effects. Another important factor for aviation we will discuss here is turbulence.
This module is designed to help you understand these phenomena and is a preamble to the next chapters of Meteorology.

Module sub-parts and themes:

-Where do winds come from: the pressure systems
-Geostrophic wind
-Pressure gradient force and Coriolis force
-Gradient wind
-Surface wind
-Boundary layers: laminar and turbulent
-Sea and land breezes
-Local winds: valley, anabatic and katabatic winds
-Jet Streams
-Thermal and mechanical turbulence
-Clear air turbulence (CAT) and standing waves
-Low altitude wind shear
-Wake turbulence
You must follow the module in the imposed order.

At the end, a quiz is proposed in order to evaluate your knowledge level. Afterwards, you will be able to come back to the lesson you’ve learned.

This course will take 25 mn.


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