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Meteorology part V : Climatology


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Learn about the different climates on Earth, see their different characteristics and how Aviation is impacted.
Course content pursuant to ICAO Annex 1 / Chap.4 / and ICAO Annex 6 / Chap.4 / 4.6.

This lesson completes the previous course modules by looking how the different systems that constitute our atmosphere are distributed around the Globe, creating local climates.
This module will help you understand the reasons that make your local climate different than the other regions. You will also gain knowledge of other areas’climates, their peculiarities and what to expect in case of travel.
Module sub-parts and themes:
-Global air circulation
-The Cell system
-Horizontal and vertical circulation
-Convergence and divergence
-Tropopause height variation
-The main global fronts detailed
-Position and seasonal variations of the main fronts
-Basic climatic zones by latitude
-Seasonal movement and effects
-The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)
-Global air masses identification and source regions
-Regional and local winds
-Sea temperature effects and oceanic influence
You must follow the module in the imposed order.
At the end, a quiz is proposed in order to evaluate your knowledge level. Afterwards, you will be able to come back to the lesson you’ve learned.

This course will take 35 mn.


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