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Meteorology part VII : Climatology


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This course introduces the different climates of the world and their associated characteristics and specific phenomena.
As the aviation is a mobile industry, with aeroplanes travelling around the world, it is crucial for aviation professionals to have a basic knowledge of climatology.

you how to read, interpret and understand the textual meteorological messages for aviation as well as the weather charts.
In this final chapter, all the concepts previously learned are integrated under the form of text and graphics.
Module sub-parts and themes:
-The World Area Forecast System
-Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR)
-Cloud coverage concept
-Special Reports (SPECI) and SNOWTAM
-Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)
-USA and Canada differences in coding
-High Level Significant Charts
-Chart symbology
-Interpretation of the hazardous phenomena
-Tropopause levels and Jet Streams
-Useful tips and links for decoding
You must follow the module in the imposed order.
At the end, a quiz is proposed in order to evaluate your knowledge level. Afterwards, you will be able to come back to the lesson you’ve learned.

This course will take 35 mn.


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