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Due to its complexity, and in order to simplify the training, this course is divided into three sub-parts. For a comprehensive learning, these sub-parts should be followed in ascending order.

Each part is followed by a quiz comprising 10 questions. However, only the general quiz on Navigation (25 questions) will certify this course.

Course content pursuant to ICAO Annex 1 / Chap.4 / and ICAO Annex 6 / Chap.4 / 4.6.

Welcome to our first module on Navigation.

This lesson will introduce the fundamentals of Navigation on Earth, which are used by both sailors and aviators.

Module sub-parts and themes:

  • The Earth: shape, rotation and Poles.
  • Great Circles and Small Circles.
  • Equator and Meridians.
  • Directions on Earth.
  • Cardinal points and Quadrantal directions.
  • Sexagesimal system and True directions.
  • Angular measurements.
  • Latitude and Longitude (geographical coordinates).
  • Conversion to distance.
  • True North and Magnetic North.
  • Variation and position of observer.

You must follow the module in the imposed order.

At the end, a quiz is proposed in order to evaluate your knowledge level. Afterwards, you will be able to come back to the lesson you’ve learned.


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